Youth Registration Form

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Kids for Christ is a “Big Thing” for little ones at Second Baptist Church!  Children from ages of 3 to 14 take part in the activities.  The group meets in the Love auditorium, named for our pastor, Rev. Dr. Bobby Love.   Children are invited to the auditorium right after the sanctuary offering.   The class keeps them so busy that they aren’t aware of how much they are learning about Christ!   Sister Linda Wilson and Sister Dorothy Williams teach the children.   Activities begin with a prayer, singing, and a bible lesson.  Children are given a healthy snack and work on a craft activity related to the lesson.   Often youngsters play a game or watch a video to further enhance their understanding of the bible. 
   Kids for Christ is held every Sunday and ends at the same time as the adult church at Second Baptist of Olathe.  This month our bulletin boards show how children have FUN IN THE SNOW and THE BEATITUDES.   Lessons for the month will include learning about the life of Martin Luther Kings, Jr. 
    In addition to Sunday Church lessons, Kids for Christ will sometimes offer other ways to serve God and learn about His love.  Recently, children attended a bowling party.  We have already begun making valentines for members of our church and plan to pass them to the congregation on Sunday, February 12th.
   Your children are invited to join us each Sunday.  Please bring grandchildren, nieces, nephews and even neighbor children to learn with us.    In Matthew 19:14, Jesus said, “Suffer the little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for such is the kingdom of heaven.”  We know that we are doing His will at Second Baptist!