Chairman - Jay Holbert

Treasurer - Roy Young

Financial Secretary - Connie Richardson

Trustee - Albert Robinson. 

Women of Wisdom:

Mother Bettie Young
Mother Naomi Floyd
Mother Gentry Love
Mother Johnie Strickland
Mother Margie Bell 

Christian Education:

Director - Rev. Donnell

Sunday School:

Superintendent - Bernard Williams
President - Sharon Robinson
Men Ministry (Brotherhood):
President - Roy Young
Youth Ministry:
Director - Jay Holbert
President - Ella Hussey
Kids for Christ:
Dorothy Williams
Eugene Williams
Linda Wilson
Pastor's Aide: 
Phyllis Tasby
Pantry of Love Food Pantry:
Ella Everette

New Members Counseling Ministry:
Nette Robinson

Young Adult Ministry:
Sean & Tina Richardson
Crown Financial Ministry:
Kert & Debroah Jones
Culinary Ministry
Larry Wilson
Eugene Williams

Community Garden:
Jay Holbert
Hope Health Help Ministry:
First Lady Janice Love