Your Bluetooth is Blinking in Church

Common Sense and a Spiritual Illustration on Technology. Are You Connected?
You know it seems like we just can't help but stay attached (connected) to all of the many technological devices that are available to us. The marketplace today, have lured us into an intoxicating addictiveness of 24/7 access. We love our sense of importance as it relates to e-mails, twitter, facebook, instant messaging and other social networking tools. We are glued to our devices anticipating the next beep, the next glow of the light (did I tell you that your bluetooth is blinking and it's distracting me), or vibration that let us know that we have been summons to inquire was it an e-mail, voicemail, alert etc.. I would like to invite you to observe the next time you are in Church (providing that you attend regularly) to witness how often someone forgets to put their phone on silent mode (and the ring tone is not Amazing Grace), or forget to take off their bluetooth (you've seen this I'm sure in the congregation, choir loft, pulpit). Oh, did I tell you that your bluetooth is blinking. Witness if you will while doing your observation that some folk have the the audacity to tweet, text, check e-mail and the sorts in the middle of Church service. (You are not guilty of this are you)? If so I must respectfully ask you to stop right now and discard your observational survey. Common sense would suggest that you could surely tune the craziness of the e-mail blitz, long enough to get spiritually refreshed. Perhaps you could leave a Greeting that says, "You have reached the voicemail box of one who decided to turn off my cell phone because I want to enjoy being involved in Worship) You know, perhaps a common sense and practical approach to this is to understand that you should be connected 24/7 (John 15: 1-10) with the Lord, and check his e-mail to us by checking out His Word (II Timothy 3:16).  Let's take out our bluetooths, turn off our cell phones and really listen to what the Holy Spirit is trying to communicate to you.