about us

Welcome to Second Baptist Church of Olathe, Kansas
we are located at
331 N. Kansas Avenue
(two blocks north of Johnson County Courthouse)
where the
Rev. Dr. Bobby L. Love Sr., serves as our Pastor

Historical Highlights
Second Baptist Church of Olathe, Kansas began its origin as the First Baptist Church of Olathe Colored.  In its humble beginnings, it served the community for over a decade and later, according to documents, changed it's name to the present name we now have due to the fact that a white congregation began a church under the name of First Baptist Church. 

Our congregation worshipped in a house, which stood approximately three houses from where we now have our main parking lot.  According to documentation, it suggests that between 1868 and 1874 the Baptist and Methodist congregations were part of the Negro Union Churches and worshipped together in that house.  In 1874 the Baptist and Methodist congregations discontinued worshipping together and began worshipping on alternate Sundays in the same house. 

Between 1886 and 1896, the hard working and dedicated pioneers of Second Baptist Church lift up the building, dug a basement and turned the entrance around to face the east.  There are several stories as to why the entrance was turned around to face the east.  One story is that the congregation wanted the Church to face the rising sun.  Another story is that a storm damaged the church, which had been facing north until that time.  The storm left a hole on the east side of the building, causing the congregation to believe that God wanted the church to face the rising sun.

Second Baptist is and continues to be one of the beacon lights of hope within the community as well as the Metropolitan Area in addition to reaching out to the hurting, educating the community, and providing spiritual purpose to all that come through her doors.

The Second Baptist Church Family has been blessed with hard working and dedicated Christians since its humble beginnings.  The church has been active on the Local, District, State and National levels of the National Baptist Convention USA, Inc.  We are thankful for those early Christian soldiers who left a legacy for us to follow.